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About NBFC Registration

NBFC or Non-Bank Finance Company is that type of financial institution that provides various financial and non-financial services to individuals, commercial companies, entrepreneurs, etc. They are different from Cooperative and Commercial Banks, they do not need to have a licensed bank but must strictly follow the rules and regulations provided by RBI from time to time.

NBFCs most commonly operate in the field of industrial and commercial loans and advances, deposits, leases, rental purchases, investment funds, investment fund businesses, insurance businesses, capital and money market instruments, such as stocks, bonds, bonds, and many other similar activities.

India’s financial sector has shown steady growth over the past two decades. The NBFC part of this sector has changed tremendously in recent years. And NBFCs have been at the forefront of driving new credit disbursements to the country’s underserved and underserved MSMEs.

The NBFC license must be taken from RBI u / s 45-IA of the RBI Act of 1934. The financial institution that wishes to register as NBFC must, first, be duly registered under the Companies Act of 2013 or the previous Act of 1956.

RBI strictly regulates and ensures that NBFCs comply with the provisions and regulations provided in Chapter III B of the RBI Act. The main business of NBFCs is to raise capital from depositors and public investors and lend it to borrowers.

NBFCs are the bridges that link investors or depositors with borrowers. They have become a better alternative for the banking and financial sector by providing financial solutions to the unbanked and unorganized segments of society.

Required documents for NBFC Registration

Certificate of incorporation of the company.


Detailed management information along with a company brochure


A copy of the PAN / Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the company.


Documents related to office location / address


Certified copy of the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA).


The profile of the list of directors must be attached, duly signed by each director.


CIBIL / credit reports from Company Directors are required.


A copy of the board’s resolution certifying that the company has not carried out or stopped NBFC activity and will not bring any until RBI registration is granted.
A board resolution on the “Code of Fair Practice” must be approved and a certified copy of it must be sent.


Certificate issued by the statutory auditor stating that the company does not have the public deposit and does not accept it either.


A certificate specifying own funds is required on the date of the Statutory Auditor’s request.


Information about the bank account, balances, loans, credits, etc. must be provided.


If applicable, the audited balance sheet and profit and loss statement should be presented along with the report of the directors and auditors for the previous three years.


A self-certified copy of the bank statement and tax returns is required.


Information detailing the company’s future plan, generally for the next 3 years, along with the balance sheet projection, the cash flow statement and the income statement.

Pursuant to RBI Section 45-IA, the following conditions must be met for a business to register as an NBFC:

Registration: The financial institution must be established as a company in accordance with Section 3 of the Companies Law of 2013 or the previous Companies Law of 1956.
Director Requirements: At least 1/3 of the Directors must have a minimum experience of 10 years in finance. And he / she must be employed as a full time Director.
Unique business plan: A business plan must be detailed and ready for operations for the next 5 years.
Net Owned Fund (NOF): The company must have at least Rs. 2 Crore as your NOF. It must include only paid-up share capital. Preferred capital stock should not be included. The share and reserve premium will be included, if applicable. But it shouldn’t be a borrowed fund. However, spouse gifts can be included in the NOF. The minimum NOF requirement differs for specialized NBFCs (NBFC-MFI, NBFC Factors, and CIC).
Lean credit history: the CIBIL score of the company, its directors and its members must be good. They must have no amortization or intentionally fail to repay loans to NBFC / Bank.
FDI Compliance: If any foreign investment is anticipated, the company must comply with the FEMA Law.

Pursuant to RBI Section 45-IA, the following conditions must be met for a business to register as an NBFC:

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